Is Chronic Pain Impacting Your Ability to Participate in Life?  If So, We Can Help You Get Your Life Back.
More than half of Americans live with chronic or recurrent pain, with most patients saying it interferes with their activities, mood and enjoyment of life — sparking a vast search for relief, from medication to bed rest, yoga or the palliative power of prayer.  
Pain is caused when the nerves send pain signals through the spinal cord and into the brain.  The brain responds with sensations such as sharp, tearing, or burning pain and emotions such as a sickening feeling, fright or depression.  Once you have healed from an injury or illness, your nervous system normally stops sending pain signals to your brain.  However, in patients with chronic pain, the nervous system continues to send pain signals, resulting in prolonged pain. This type of pain, chronic pain, affects more than 100 million people in the United States and most of the time,  it is misdiagnosed.  More specifically, research shows that more than half of the nation’s chronic pain patients are not being treated effectively.